Up the Creek. Paddling Together.
Family Camp 2014

This year we missed a lot of friends and family at Family camp, but we still had a great time with those whom were there!

The Media worked hard this week to make sure everyone who couldn't come, could still be apart of the service. Below you will find many of the messages by Dr. Carla Sunberg, and her husband, Dr. Chuck Sunberg, as well as Mission Moments from some of our local District missionaries.

These particular recordings are quite raw (as these ones are not monitored while recording) and not nearly as finely tuned as compared to the CD set that you may also get that Carlos & Tammy Calderon graciously monitor and adjust the volume levels and the general sound of the recording. If you would like to purchase any particular sermon, or the whole week's worth of sermons, please see more details here.

Prepare The Way
2014/08/03, Dr. Carla Sunberg

Our first message from Dr. Carla Sunberg on Sunday morning.
Verse: John1:23, Matt 3:3, Isa 40:3-5

The Foundation
2014/08/03, Dr. Chuck Sunberg

Our first message from Dr. Chuck Sunberg on Sunday Evening.
Verse: Deut 6:4-9

The Golden Rule
2014/08/04, Dr. Carla Sunberg

Verse: Matt 7:12-14

The Path
2014/08/05, Dr. Chuck Sunberg

Verse: 2 Chro 7:14

Where Do You Fit?
2014/08/06, Dr. Carla Sunberg

Verse: Acts 1:8-14

The Reality
2014/08/07, Dr. Chuck Sunberg

Verse: Matt 19:26

Chatting With Jesus on the Way
2014/08/08, Dr. Carla Sunberg

Verse: Phil 2:5-11

Membership The Jesus Way
2014/08/09, Dr. Carla Sunberg

Verse: Acts 24:14