Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada is an organization that helps the poor around the world by walking alongside local churches in their efforts to meet the needs of poor children, families, and communities. Through your partnership, local congregations are changing the world.


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  • disaster response in canada

    NCM Canada provides support for local churches that are responding to needs in their community.

    That may include responding to needs of victims of flooding, fires, tornados, ice storms, etc  DOWNLOAD RESOURCES

  • grow project

    Grow Hope Markdale and Seeds of Life donations pay for a farmer here in Canada to plant a field, care for the field, and harvest the crop. The proceeds from the crop go to Canadian Foodgrains Bank where they are matched 4:1 by the government of Canada.


  • anti-human trafficking

    NCM Canada supports local anti-human trafficking ministries that provide housing, food, access to medical care, psychological support and counseling services.


  • child development centres

    “They provide education and/or after school tutoring, health check-ups for children, school books and uniforms, teachers supplies, support equipment and etc.”

    Teachers are volunteers trained by NCM in holistic child development and are pastors or leaders of local Nazarene churches.


  • kenya-water

    The total population benefiting from this project will be 10,000 people in 11 communities in Kenya. The integrated program is centred in local Nazarene Churches and Child Development Centres.


  • zukuma teacher houses

    The Zukuma school in Malawi has 370 children/ youth that range from grades 1-8. However, there are only 5 teachers. If housing is provided, teachers will come. Last year we provided a house and were able to attract a full-time teacher. This year we will provide 2 more houses and repair existing houses. All housing is on school (Nazarene) property. DOWNLOAD RESOURCES

  • middle east schools

    NCM has long been committed to supporting the education of refugee and low-income children in the Middle East.

    The schools meet the needs of 150 students.