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This is where we can catch up with a variety of information from our district and the ministries within it.

  • CWD NMI Fall 2020 VIRTUAL DEPUTATION service

    A few years ago, Rev. Jay Sunberg was our district NMI convention guest speaker, so many of you may have met him.  I am thrilled that Rev. Jay and Teanna Sunberg are OUR FALL deputation speakers.   More on their mission here.

  • Provincial places of worship Guidelines during CoVid

    Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba information here

  • helping women and girls thrive

    Globally, gender inequality is both a major cause and effect of long-term poverty. When women and girls are equipped with education and practical job training skills, they lift up the well-being of their families as well as their entire communities. The ripple effect travels far beyond the individual and creates a way out of the cycle of hopelessness.  More here.

  • Effective online ministry

    Due to such a positive response to the Effective Online Ministry course taught by Bryce Ashlin-Mayo this past August, we’ve decided to offer it again on Oct. 21, Nov. 4 & 18. More here.

Camp Harmattan Casual Camping

The seasons are changing at Camp Harmattan! 

The rush of summer is over, and yet they are still open for casual camping until Thanksgiving!

Please register here to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery as you camp at Camp Harmattan



Loving Father,

We continue to offer You praise and thanksgiving in these days of uncertainty. Today, we especially pray for our children – preschoolers, elementary, middle school, high school, college students - and for our teachers going back to schools. We pray for their health and safety as classrooms and schools have been modified to allow for proper social distancing and hygiene. We pray for the janitorial staff and cafeteria workers, as well as the office staff who are essential employees at schools that are open; we pray that You would keep them safe and protected from the virus. Please protect the families of the students and teachers as they return home each day. Would You bless our staff and our students with peace and the confidence to move forward into these next few weeks.

Father God, we pray for the students who will be doing school virtually; we pray that they have the resources they need to do schoolwork at home. We pray their parents will be able to balance work and watch over their children through class times as well as any additional homework.

We pray for the teachers who are having to manage new classroom expectations and for those who must switch to online learning formats, that they would be able to have the resources and technology training they need. Lord, we thank You for these teachers who choose to spend their time nurturing and developing students; we know there are so many facets of teaching that expand outside the normal bounds of classroom teaching. We thank You that teachers can be a resource for students who may be struggling with non-academic conflicts. We pray for open communication between teachers, students, and parents.

We ask You would give our teachers, students, and parents the patience and the grace they need for this new type of schooling, that they could all work together to accomplish what needs to be done. We commit each one into Your care. Please guard our children’s hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Thank You that You are sovereign over all things. Amen.

Thinking of you! – DS Rose and Your Canada West church family

2020 District Service