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This is where we can catch up with a variety of information from our district and the ministries within it.

  • Provincial places of worship Guidelines during CoVid

    NEW UPDATE! for Alberta, November 24, 2020

                                 for Saskatchewan, November 25, 2020

    Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba information here

  • CWD NMI Fall 2020 VIRTUAL DEPUTATION service

    A few years ago, Rev. Jay Sunberg was our district NMI convention guest speaker, so many of you may have met him.  I am thrilled that Rev. Jay and Teanna Sunberg are OUR FALL deputation speakers.   More on their mission here.

  • helping women and girls thrive

    Globally, gender inequality is both a major cause and effect of long-term poverty. When women and girls are equipped with education and practical job training skills, they lift up the well-being of their families as well as their entire communities. The ripple effect travels far beyond the individual and creates a way out of the cycle of hopelessness.  More here.

Camp Harmattan Giving Tuesday

In times of uncertainty, when many things feel out of our control, expressing generosity, whether through acts of kindness, volunteering, or through charitable donations helps us to feel a sense of normality.

Over the past year we have been so thankful that Camp Harmattan has been able to help provide a physical place where people can feel a bit of this normality. Camp Harmattan is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of people just like you. And yet, one of the biggest realities we have faced this year is the drastic reduction of our revenues including a reduction in donations of over 65%.

If you have never given to camp before, we are asking you to consider getting involved. We are asking you to join our giving team by giving to our Giving Tuesday goal on December 1. This is your invitation to be a part of something big!! We would love to see 400 people give $25 for a total of $10,000. This $10,000 will help jumpstart our year end giving need of $100,000.

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