The Salvation Army Canada in partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada and with World Hope Canada, has agreed to provide online Disaster Response trainings (on specific Saturdays in January and February 2021) in the following course.

  • Introduction to Emergency Disaster Services (required course)
  • Foundations of Emotional and Spiritual Care (the Introduction to Emergency Disaster Services is a prerequisite. You can't take this course until you have completed the introduction course).

You will note that one poster is about training in partnership with NCM Canada (Saturday, January 23 and Saturday, February 27) and the other poster is about trainings in partnership with World Hope Canada (Saturday, January 16 and Saturday, February 20).
Nazarenes are encouraged to take the trainings set up for NCM Canada (January 23 and February 27). But, if those particular training dates do not work for you, then feel free to register for the World Hope Canada training instead. (The Salvation Army is allowing some World Hope participants who can't make the World Hope training dates, to join our Nazarene trainings).
You must register in order to take the training. Email to register.
You must take the basic introductory training in order to volunteer with the Salvation Army during a disaster.
Therefore I encourage you during this COVID season, while your coming and going is restricted, to avail yourself of this amazing opportunity and take these trainings. There is a limit of 25 per training and it is open to Nazarenes from coast to coast, so I suggest that you register early!

NCM Training
World Hope Training

The Shoe That grows

Many of you have participated in such creative ways. Some have had lemonade stands, sold brownie mixes, had pies thrown in your face, sewed and sold facemasks and the list goes on. The "Shoe that Grows", just keeps growing....our District Total for this project so far is $8744.80. This is outstanding!

And if that wasn't enough good news, we have even more good news! We have decided to purchase the shoes from "The Shoe that Grows" and they will be shipped to Dell Marie at our Warehouse for Distribution.

We have new information that you can get a giving receipt through your church. If you have questions please contact Rose Graham at the District Office.

There is still time to give to the "Shoe That Grows" - you can do this through your Local Nazarene Church, or you can send a cheque or email transfer to the District Office at

We want to thank you for your hard work, and dedication to this Mission Project. This has been such a "spark of light" for our District during this difficult season. Canada West District you are "World Changers" and "Difference Makers". So proud to be a part of this team, way to go!

In His Service,
Sheri Lynne Martin & Carolyn Herbert
District Children's Director & District NMI President