In an effort to include and strive for unity, the Canada West District logo seeks to represent all of the people who have lived, live and will live within the 3 provinces in which our ministries take place.


The thinking and creative process started with the symbols and icons of what makes CWD unique. The landscape most common between the 'prairies', the harvest of the land given to us (First Nations, Metis, European descent, and all other peoples living within our district), the geography, traditions, languages and representation of the original custodians of the land, and the logo of the global Church of the Nazarene. 

Sketching & Developing

Once the symbols to be used were established, the task at hand was to blend them in a way that communicated the importance of each element without competing with each other, but rather complementing the whole piece. Other symbolism came about during the sketching process, like the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Wampum belt, and the cross.

The colour palette was decided as well, mostly based on each colour's meaning within our context. 

Two Row Wampum Belt

The meaning behind this belt is of great inspiration for the process of designing the logo for CWD. The main intention is to send a message of peace, reconciliation, inclusion and unity. 

The Two Row Wampum Belt meaning explained by the Onondaga Nation:

“In one row is a ship with our White Brothers’ ways; in the other a canoe with our ways. Each will travel down the river of life side by side. Neither will attempt to steer the other’s vessel.” 

The belt also represents three principles that makes the treaty between European settlers and the original custodians of the land last. "The first was friendship; the Haudenosaunee and their white brothers will live in friendship. The second principle is peace; there will be peace between their two people. The final principle is forever; that this agreement will last forever."

Moved by the meaning behind this belt, and with the idea of intentionally reaching out to our brothers and sisters, the CWD logo creates a bridge between our peoples. The 'W', which  represents the Wampum belt, connects the 'C' and 'D' characters, The 'W' has a beginning but no end, and it has both orange and red meeting in a common ground, representing our history and our intentions for the future. 

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