Every Wednesday @ 1:00pm MT/2:00pm CT via Zoom.

The Zoom link has been shared via email with all pastors. If you didn't receive this email, please contact the church office via Facebook or phone to request the Zoom link

The Soto Family is On the District!

Please pray as the Soto family and some of our district leaders spend time traveling throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Winnipeg in the next two weeks.

Tammy and Eliezel Soto

are currently serving as Nazarene Missions Teams Coordinators in Panama and the NMI Coordinators for the Meso Central Field. They bring with them a wealth of experience and passion for the mission field, and we are excited to have them share their journey and vision with us. 

They will be in our district from May 19, 2024- June 2, 2024. Contact your local church for more information. 


It's Not too Late to Come to SPARK!!  

This retreat is for ministry leaders and volunteers, including all pastors and directors. Bring the whole team!!


Option 1: Dorm – $260 per person

Option 2: RV – $230 per person

Option 3: No Lodging – $155 per person

Includes: 6 meals and 2 nights of lodging PLUS all the wonder that is SPARK - team building, inspiration, learning opportunities, time for prayer and worship, and a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues to laugh and even lament, if you need to! You don't want to miss this!

To register go to or use QR code

Siloam Mission Second Annual Truth & Reconciliation Gathering

Healing and Reconciliation are rooted in Christ's call to us for repentance, for reconciliation, and for peace with everyone. These virtues are building blocks as Siloam continues moving towards housing-focused care. Several leaders from Canada West District and Church of the Nazarene - Canada will be attending this no-charge event hosted at The Leaf in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Siloam will welcome us as we learn and reflect on how to further our commitment to truth and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. This Gathering is an opportunity to learn how to approach Reconciliation and put it into action in a Christian context.

You can register to attend here.  

Have you heard of the Cycle of Resurgence yet? 

In 2022 God called Nazarenes across Canada and the USA to pray, for three years now, we've been called as a Half Million Mobilized to pray from Easter to Pentecost. 

Out of the prayers came a grassroots vision for our region as those who prayed shared what they heard the Spirit saying to the Church.

There were four “heart cries” that emerged from God’s people, regardless of their role or age group.

  • Mobilizing all Nazarenes in unity in the middle of a polarized world
  • Calling our churches to engage in Blessing our Community
  • Bringing People to Jesus, especially our younger generations
  • Embracing the transformation of the whole person through Becoming Christlike Disciples.

As conversations continued, this started to be called "The Cycle of Resurgence" or CoRE.

Now in 2024, we keep on praying but we set our communities into action with a regional focus on Blessing our Community this year, which we hope will bring an ever-stronger Cycle of Resurgence that fuels our mission in the days and years to come.

We pray.

We bless our communities.

We bring people to Jesus.

We embrace becoming Christlike Disciples.

Canada West joins this focus that is in line with our vision statement: 

On Earth As It Is Heaven.

For more information and inspiration, you can watch and share this seminar from the USA/Canada Region that speaks to this vision and ways we can begin to do the work of resurgence in our communities. 

Go to the USA/Canada site for resources including:
  • A recommended resource list
  • An assessment guide for Blessing our Community work
  • Graphics for promotion
  • A Link to the "Blessing our Community" Grant application (on the right side of the front page).

Save the Date! 

Soul Care Conference for Canada West Pastors and Spouses is coming to the Rocky Mountains this October! 

Watch your email for details.